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Debt Market
  • Corporate Fixed Deposits

    Vikas Vaid,
    24 Nov 2014 | 12:00 AM

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    This article talks about Corporate Fixed Deposits as in investment option. It highlights the factors to be considered before investing in Corporate FDs and the main risks involved that one should be careful about.

  • Different Types of Asset Classes

    Shailee Shah Parekh,
    6 Jun 2014 | 01:49 PM

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    When one starts to think about investing their money, it is important to know the various asset classes available and their advantages & disadvantages. Every asset class offers something different to the investor. Every investor may not want to invest in all types of assets, but it is good to know w

  • Money Market Instruments in India

    Shailee Shah Parekh,
    19 Mar 2014 | 08:45 AM

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    The Money Market in India is a part of the financial market where instruments with maturity ranging from overnight to one year are traded. It also includes financial instruments that are deemed to be close substitutes of money.

  • Revolving Credit – Don’t let your life revolve around it

    Pragna N Kapadia,
    30 Oct 2013 | 01:25 PM

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    You get a phone call and a cajoling voice on the other end says: “Congratulations, you are eligible for a pre-approved credit card with a credit limit of Rs.3,00,000 and a cash limit of Rs.50,000 that will be delivered to your door step within the next three working days.” You are already grip

  • Look before you leap when you borrow money

    Pragna N Kapadia,
    7 Oct 2013 | 11:08 AM

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    The festive season is here and for many of you, it is the right time to go on a well-deserved shopping break. Whether it’s the latest digital SLR camera, flat screen television or that sleek computer, your needs are many but you may not have enough money to fulfill them.