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This section gives you a list of various events, workshops & seminars related to finance or anything that will help you grow & prosper in life. Finance related events could be educational or technical in nature meant for beginners, advanced traders or anyone in between. Other events could be related to personality development, improving your memory, discipline or just trying to make you a better individual which will help you make MajorGainz in your life.


Antworks Education

Living By Knowledge

We live in an information economy and the end goal of information is knowledge.

At the core of Antworks is knowledge ~ hunger for seeking knowledge, imparting it and thereby fostering growth. We call it a movement to empower people with core applied knowledge. Being empowered by imparting right training and skills can fulfill a human being’s continuous desire to grow.  Learning and training which includes updating of technical knowhow, cutting edge productive skill sets, life skills and above all, wisdom.

An investment in oneself is the most important one any individual can make and facilitating this is the main thrust of our team at Antworks. AEI’s aim is to act as a catalyst in imparting learning of new competencies and skill sets that will help maximise potential.

In the final reckoning, a human being would ideally seek to rise to highest possible potential not only in material terms but in a more complete and fulfilling form. That is in wealth, wisdom and wellness.
We, at Antworks, are passionate about helping you fulfill your aspirations.

For, we all live by knowledge.